How to become a life coach in Houston

Learn How to Become a life coach in Houston, TX at our 3-day Life Coach Certification Training.

Do you want to become a life coach?  At this 3-day training in Houston, TX, you will learn everything you need to become a Certified Life Coach. You will learn an amazing 7-step coaching process and be doing complete coaching sessions by the third day of the training.

A 100-page training manual is included along with a comprehensive action plan to help you:

  • Improve your coaching skills even more after the training
  • Get your first few clients
  • Set up your new life coaching business
  • Start building your dream business as a coach

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Learn How To Become a Life Coach in Houston, TX

How to become a life coach in Houston

Imagine having a career helping other people make their dreams come true . . . every single day.

When you learn how to become a life coach in Houston, TX you will acquire 2 primary skill sets:

Coaching skills
Learn the art of creating rapport, motivating your clients to change, identifying where a client needs resources, and how to determine which resources will make the biggest difference for your clients. Discover how to work ecologically, so your change-work is holistic, and future pace positive changes so they are permanent and really last.

Marketing Skills
The other part of being a successful Life Coach is to be able to get clients on a regular basis and consistently exceed their expectations.  Day 3 of this training will show you how to begin getting clients and set up your new business so you can start earning money helping other people solve problems and realize their goals and dreams.

Being a life coach is a dream career.  Professional coaches can start earning $100 per hour.

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